hjuvi's free/libre and minimalist software


All the free software projects below are hosted by TeDomum's GitLab (hjuvi account).

Personal settings

My Painted Shell: A collection of colorful settings and scripts for Bash shell

A package for Emacs

Emacs-IDE: A package for Emacs that provides IDE features

Terminal-based applications

Ondine: A lightweight audio player for local files, running in the terminal

Unaltered: A command-line tool to maintain checksum files in directories whose content may evolve

About these projects

All these projects are released under the GPL-3.0-or-later license, except for My Painted Shell which is released under the CC0-1.0 license, because it only consists in some settings and helper scripts.

These projects are clearly not intended to be innovative, they should more likely be considered personal alternatives to existing software (Ondine), add-ons (Emacs-IDE) or helpers (My Painted Shell and Unaltered). Yet, they do meet some specific needs of mine, which could not simply be met by changing existing software.

The motivation for writing them was to:

Of course, these projects were also occasions to learn new things and enjoy coding!...

About this website

The source code of this website is hosted by TeDomum's GitLab.

The content is written in reStructuredText and converted to a static website by Pelican, with a custom theme.
The website is built by TeDomum's GitLab Pages.
It is published under the CC0-1.0 license.